Here at Walker Volkswagen in Metairie, we know how important your vehicle's safety features are. Even the most attentive drivers can use a little help sometimes with determining the distance of an object, the width of a lane or the right moment to press the brakes. Technology is increasingly important in assisting drivers with these tasks. The new Volkswagen Arteon is no exception, with a number of high-tech safety features that will keep you and your passengers safer.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control used to be something that you set that did not waiver until you touched the brake or accelerator. With adaptive cruise control, you can set a safe distance that you wish to maintain from the car ahead of you.

Lane Keeping System

It can be all too easy to drift into another lane, especially if you are on a long trip and driving on a monotonous stretch of road. With the Volkswagen Arteon's lane keeping system, you can better maintain your lane.

Pedestrian Monitoring

We know that the safety of others in Metairie is important to you as well, and the pedestrian monitoring feature can alert you when a pedestrian is near and may even brake automatically in some circumstances.

Rear Traffic Alert

Going in reverse is one of the more difficult driving maneuvers, and it can be hard to see around blind spots. The rear traffic alert can help when your vision is impaired, alerting you when a vehicle is in the way and sometimes braking if necessary.

Blind Spot Monitor

Changing lanes can provide some of the same visual challenges. With the blind spot monitor, you will be alerted if there are vehicles in your blind spot that you do not see.

Drive With Confidence

Technology is never a substitute for careful driving, but safety technology can enhance that care. These features in the new Volkswagen Arteon will help keep you and your passengers safe from harm.

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