The new Volkswagen Taos is a subcompact SUV unlike any other. With impressive space, a comfortable ride, and easy handling, it makes it easy to tackle your daily driving. And, of course, it brings plenty of technology along for the ride. Below are the top technologies of the Taos.

Top Five Technologies

Wireless Phone Charger: Wireless phone charging is highly welcomed convenience feature. With this, there's no need to remember to bring your charging cord. Simply place your compatible phone on the charging pad and go about your drive.

IQ.DRIVE®: IQ.DRIVE is the new standard of driving. Through a blend of advanced driver assistance technology, this feature allows for semi-autonomous driving capability. Please remember that drivers still need to be attentive to the road.

Volkswagen Car-Net®: Volkswagen Car-Net is a suite of standard features that can be accessed via a mobile app. Remote commands, hotspots, alerts, parking information, and more are available for owners to view and use via this app.

Intelligent Crash Response System: The ICRS is a system that activates in case of a collision. Doors will unlock, hazard lights will activate, airbags will deploy, and more. This helps to ensure safety.

The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit: The cockpit is another important area full of new technology. Information is easily accessed with clear, high-resolution screens on the dashboard. Plus, there are well-placed and easy to reach buttons, making it easy to change settings on the go.

Learn More with a Test Drive

If that Volkswagen Taos speaks to you, then consider test driving it. Set up an appointment online today. Afterward, talk to us about how you can bring it home. We are more than happy to speak with you. Visit us in person, or reach out online.

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