The Volkswagen Passat Brings Luxury to the Family Car

Here at Walker Volkswagen, we often struggle with the question of where we begin when we discuss the advantages and benefits of the Volkswagen Passat. Aimed at family drivers, the Passat gives you a luxurious interior and technology base combined with a powerful German-engineered engine you can rely on at all times.

The four trim levels of the VW Passat may be targeted to families, but that does not mean you should miss out on the best in power and performance the engineers from Germany can offer. A turbocharged 2.0-liter engine will give you that extra kick of power that suggests the brilliance of German engineering in a vehicle you can feel safe and secure driving.

Choose the Perfect Trim Level for your Needs in Metairie

There are many different options to explore for getting the best from your Volkswagen Passat, including the decision of which trim level best suits your needs as a VW driver. Of the four available trim levels, the differences are wide for drivers in Marrero to choose from. However, every vehicle option we see from the Passat model range is just as impressive as the last with the Standard Passat offering you a powerful turbocharged engine, LED headlamps, and a high level of connectivity through the six-inch infotainment center.

As you move through the different trim levels, there are more options added to each model that can help you stay safe or provide that little bit of extra luxury. For example, the SE model gives you the remote start that can make all the difference on a cold morning to the comfort you feel when getting into your Passat.

Moving up another level, the Passat R-Line has added another level of luxury and excellence in design to your driving experience by bringing you a power-operated, tilting sunroof that brings the outdoors into your new Volkswagen. At the highest trim level, the Passat SEL brings you one of the most luxurious cars on the market with leather seating, a Fender audio system, and a suite of safety features including the innovative Parking Distance Control technology.

Eye Catching Interior and Exterior

We understand you want your new Volkswagen Passat to turn heads when you are driving to any location around Westwego, whether you choose the S model or the R-Line. No matter which trims level you are attracted to, the Passat can give you all the style you desire with the sporty nature of this sedan adding to the fun you can have with it. Bright LED head and tail lights are another addition for the current model year that you will enjoy and add to your feeling of safety within.

Once you open the door and slip inside the cabin of the Passat, we think you will be struck by the luxurious nature of this car. Space is not an issue with over three feet of rear legroom and rear vents designed to keep your passengers comfortable at all times. The Passat is a car you can enjoy from every seat wherever you go around Gretna, LA.

Technology Keeps you Connected and in Control

When you are looking for the best in a family car, we know you will find all the connectivity and technology you need in the Passat. The 6.2-inch infotainment center will quickly become the hub of your entertainment and navigation requirements, but other technological developments such as keyless entry and starting coupled with a premium color multifunction display will add to your enjoyment of the Volkswagen Passat.

Test Drive a Volkswagen Passat Today

When you are ready to explore the benefits of any of our new or used Volkswagen vehicles head over to our showroom to at Walker Volkswagen learn more and take a test drive.

2020 VW Passat Driving in New Orleans

Power and Fuel-Efficiency

One of the major decisions we all face these days is whether to choose a powerful engine or the fuel-efficiency we all know we need as drivers. The Volkswagen Passat takes away this concern by allowing you to combine a powerful 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with the EPA-estimated gas mileage you crave. The powerful engine provides you with 174 horsepower and over 200 pound-feet of torque to provide you with all the performance you could want in and around New Orleans.


In terms of fuel-efficiency, th Passat has a 23 mpg in the city and 34 on the highway. The fuel efficiency is aided by the seamless movement of the six-speed transmission between the gears to provide you with a smooth ride to drop the kids off at school or to commute to work. However, when you are feeling a little more adventurous, the sport mode adds an extra kick to the gear changes to make you feel the overall power of this turbocharged engine.

Safety Features

The 2020 model range of the Volkswagen Passat has seen several upgrades to its safety technology that are designed to make this one of the safest vehicles ever produced. We have been impressed with the way Volkswagen has set about updating the Passat to make it as safe as possible for your family with a range of updates and upgrades that you can only add to your confidence driving this innovative model.

Volkswagen has not skimped on the safety features guided by technology, but the German automaker is determined to make sure your family is safe in a strong body shell. The upgrades for the latest model year include improved crumple zones at the front and rear that will keep your family safe from the impact of a collision.

Safety technology is always important, and your new Passat comes equipped with the best in improvements, including the Intelligent Crash Response System. This is an innovative system installed as standard that measures whether the airbags have been deployed in a collision and cuts out the fuel pump when they do along with unlocking all doors to provide easy access to your passengers.