The Importance of Oil Changes

Why It's Best Practice to Regulate Your Engine's Motor Oil

You may not know it, but your engine needs much more than just gasoline to start.  Your engine's lifeblood is actually the motor oil that gets replenished each time you change your oil.  Without clean motor oil, your engine will not stay lubricated and, as a result, will surely misfire and potentially cause permanent damage.  But all of this can be avoided.  Here at Walker Volkswagen, our service team is taking affirmative action this season to ensure that our customers know how to regulate your engine's motor oil.  To help you get started, let's dive right in and discuss the reasons why you should get your oil changed regularly.

Reasons to Get an Oil Change

For daily drivers in Metairie, you can imagine the stress and strain that driving to work every day puts on your vehicle.  To ensure that your vehicle is best-suited for all its trips to Marrero, you have to start by first looking at the oil.  The more you drive and the more time you spend behind the wheel, the more often you'll want to regulate your motor oil and have it changed.  There are many reasons why you should consider having your oil changed regularly, including:

  • Helps increase the lifespan of your engine
  • Promotes healthy engine lubrication and operation
  • Saves the headache of longterm engine damage
  • Avoids you from getting stuck in emergency engine situations
  • Ensures the safety of you and your passengers

What Happens When You Don't Change Your Oil?

You may be asking yourself, "What happens if I don't change the oil in my car?"  Let us be the first to tell you that you don't want to find out.  Neglecting to get the oil changed in your vehicle can result in catastrophe.  The motor oil in your engine helps all of the moving parts stay active and lubricated.  By not changing the oil, your motor will begin to experience extreme friction that will cause its central operating components to fail.  As time goes on, you'll notice your engine starting to misfire and, in some cases, not starting up at all.  When your engine lacks proper lubrication, it begins fighting itself to stay alive, which more often than less will kill it right before your very eyes.

Types of Oil

There are four main types of general motor oil mixtures, including:

  • Full Synthetic - Offers peak performance and lubrication for high-end vehicles that demand the best
  • Synthetic Blend - The best of both worlds, offering the benefits of high-quality synthetic oil for more general makes and models
  • Conventional - Conventional oil is best used on older vehicles that are still in good shape
  • High Mileage - As the name suggests, this type of oil specifically works to help keep vehicles with high mileage running like new

Types of Filters

The most common type of oil filter we use and recommend for New Orleans drivers is a full-flow oil filter.  This oil filter works well to purify your engine's oil in colder weather conditions.  In addition to being Walker Volkswagen's oil filter of choice, the full-flow oil filter allows optimal engine performance and lubrication.  Other available oil filter types include:

  • Secondary Oil Filter
  • Cartridge Oil Filter
  • Spin-On Oil Filter
  • Spinner Oil Filter
  • Magnetic Oil Filter

Meet Our Expert Staff

Here at Walker Volkswagen, our expert staff is professionally trained to help accommodate your oil change and oil filter replacement needs.  Whether you're shopping with us in person or online from your home in Westwego, our staff's expertise is noticeable from the very first meeting.  Schedule an oil change appointment today and get help from our team of leading oil change experts near Gretna, LA.

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For more information about oil changes, please call or contact us online at Walker Volkswagen.  We look forward to meeting you!


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